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Diocese of Rockville Centre

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Name Position E-mail Phone
Racca, Jennifer Senior Secretary - Prison Ministry 631-758-1969
Razzetti, Kathleen Assistant Superintendent for Public Policy, Government Programs, and Student Services 516-280-2479 Ext. 850
Rebisz, Philip Financial Analyst 516-678-5800 Ext. 312
Remy, Talhia Payroll Manager 516-678-5800 Ext. 263
Reinfurt, Patricia Bookkeeper – Office of Parish Support 516-442-2887 Ext. 241
Renker, Thomas General Counsel 516-678-5800 Ext. 241
Reyes, Mayra Ministry/Dept. Assistant - Tribunal 516-678-5800 Ext.570
Rich, Dcn. Thomas, M.A., J.C.L, D.Min Diocesan Judge 516-678-5800 Ext 559
Rizzotti, Carol Office of Deacons -Department Assistant 631-424-8360 Ext. 179
Roca, Jeremy Campus Minister, L.I.U. Post 516-299-2229
Rosenthal, Elizabeth Fe Fuerza Vida - Production 516-678-5800 Ext. 270
Russell-Sica, Kathy Coordinator - Faith Formation 516-506-2260
Rutledge, Maryann Bookkeeper – Office of Parish Support 516-442-2887 Ext. 230
Ryan, Margaret Parish Support Manager 516-442-2887
Ryan, Peter J, CCCE Director - Catholic Cemetaries 516.334.7990 Ext. 109