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Diocese of Rockville Centre

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Name Position E-mail Phone
Sanchez, Elynel Accounting Manager 516-678-5800 Ext.597
Saturno - Bonelli, Teresa Senior Staff Attorney 516-678-5800 Ext. 603
Scarallo, Katherine Development Associate - Institution Advancement 516-678-5800 Ext. 264
Schenk, Sr. Elaine Coordinator of Post-Graduate Evangelization 516-678-5800 Ext. 635
Schlosser, Deacon Dennis Seminary Business Manager 631-423-0483 Ext. 151
Schmitt, Thomas Employee Relations Manager 516-678-5800 Ext. 262
Seigneuray, Nora Jean High School Controller 516-280-2479 Ext. 809
Sentero, Grace Senior Accountant 516-678-5800 Ext. 271
Sheridan, Marianne Director, Youth, Campus & Young Adult Ministry 516-678-5800 Ext. 615
Spencer, Katherine Ministry/Program - Tribunal
Spooner, Dennicee Legal Assistant 516-678-5800 Ext. 224
Strack, Allison Executive Assistant - Tomorrow's Hope Foundation 516-745-7635
Sullivan, Karen Bookkeeper – Office of Parish Support 
Sullivan, Rose Executive Director / NCDVD 631-424-9888