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Dearly Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Coat of Arms“Why seek One Who is living among the dead.  He is risen as He said.”  The words of the angel ring out again this year of 2012 as they have every year we call Anno Domini The Year of Our Lord.  For the world we live in was re-born and transformed on that first Easter when Jesus, the Son of God made man Who had died humanly, died that Good Friday on the cross, rose three days later to the glory that only God could give and did give. This glory He calls us to share.  We look no longer among the dead things of the past to find the meaning of life.  We look to Jesus Who became one with us by His Incarnation, born of the Virgin Mary.  He took on our human condition, a human condition that led Him to the cross.  But, Son that He was, He overcame human death and rose to call us to share His life, the divine life of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

La Carta Pascua de Resurreción del Obispo también está disponible en español

If we measure time from His Resurrection, should we not measure our lives by Him as well?  Some might say that the measure of time is just a convenient way of marking life.  But is that all it is?  Why this measure and not another?  The only real reason is the truth that Jesus risen from the dead is what Pope Benedict calls “an evolutionary leap” for all humanity.  Risen from the dead Jesus changes the course of human history and changes our human lives and our human destiny.  Now every year is truly a “Year of the Lord” because every year, like every life, moves in a sphere that is redeemed, a world that is shot through with divinity.  We, baptized into His death, have our lives now transformed by the indwelling of His divine life.  “Remain in me and I in you”.  The world and our lives exist now in Him, in the Resurrected One, in the Son of God Whose humanity has been glorified.  Because He has been glorified in the Resurrection, He gives us all the capacity to live far beyond anything we could do of ourselves.  He gives us divine life unto life eternal.

Pope St. Leo the Great challenges us to make this ours.  Imitate what He has done; love what He has loved, and finding in you the grace of God, love your own nature again in Him.  Today we can look at the challenges and difficulties of our own lives from the perspective of victory, Christ’s victory over sin and death.  Today we can free our hearts from whatever troubles and disturbs them for He Whose human heart beats with love for us has joined our hearts to His.  Today we who can feel lonely and abandoned, awaken to discover a friend who does not leave us orphans but brings us with Him to the Father.  Today we who can be the victims of misunderstanding and rejection or who might be harboring hatred toward others are called to break out of those prisons, those tombs of death and embrace life, Christ’s life, life He gives us, the life here that springs toward life forever.

Today, dear brothers and sisters, stop looking for life among the dead.  True life, glorified life, stands before you:  Christ, the Risen One, the Brother Who died for us, the Savior Who rose for us, the Son of God Who shares His life with us!  Rejoice! Rejoice! For He is risen and He lives forever! 

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