Diocese of Rockville Centre

On April 10th, a group of five students and their campus minister from Catholic Life at Hofstra University will be heading to Joplin, Missouri to aid and minister to people who lost their homes in the tornado that struck the area last spring. They'll work with the Family Missions Company and a local parish, rebuilding homes, living as simply as possible, and giving as much as they can.

The tornado resulted in 160 deaths, hundreds of additional injuries, and billions of dollars in damage. Joplin and its surrounding suburbs are still working to get themselves back on their feet.These communities have relied heavily on the assistance provided by volunteers over the course of the past year. It will be our great honor to join these forces in comforting and raising up those who continue to struggle there with both physical and emotional support.

As crucial as the reconstruction of Joplin is, equally important are the spiritual needs of its citizens. In traveling there, we pray to be the hands and feet of Christ, sharing the Love of God with those we meet as we serve them.

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