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Diocese of Rockville Centre

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2015 Budget Cycle




2015 Budget Assumptions



Budget Input Process

Each user will sign into the portal using the same user ID and password for the monthly reports.  Once signed in each user will complete the Annual Budget Revenue and Expense tabs using the same methodology as the monthly reports. 

Revenues will be input as (credits) and Expenses as (debits).

Instructions for completing the budget:

  1. Sign into monthly website at 
  2. Upon signing in click Annual Budget Data located under Finance.  To begin entering, click the   (Available) icon in the 2014 column.  There will be a separate tab for each category Revenues, and Expenses. 
  3. After all the general ledger accounts located on each tab have been completed click “SAVE AND SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL” located at the top of any tab.  You can select this from any tab. 
  4. After clicking “SAVE AND SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL” all the data that has been entered will appear in one screen.  The user will then be able to review the data by scrolling down to the end and either “MAKE A CHANGE” or “SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL”.  If a change is necessary “MAKE A CHANGE” should be selected and the general ledger accounts can be changed.  If all appears correct click “SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL”.  Once the report is submitted your Deanery Administrator or Regional Administrator will review the results.
  5. The status of the report will indicated   Waiting Approval.  Only the Deanery Administrator or Regional Administrator will be able to complete a FINAL SUBMIT.
  6. Once the Deanery Administrator or Regional Administrator approves the report, the status will change to Submitted.  The user can then select the check mark   and print the data. 


If you have any questions regarding this process please contact Joseph Young, Diocesan Controller at ext. 234