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Diocese of Rockville Centre

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Date: May 1, 2014

To: Pastors/Administrators and School Principals

From: Kevin T. Murphy

Ref: IMPORTANT Budgets 2014/2015 and Chart of Accounts

The 2014/2015 budget guidance is now available on the Diocesan website. I am including a copy of the information with this email. Please share this with your business office.
Please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Administrative Officer (RAO) or your Deanery Administrator should you need any assistance in completing your budgets.

Charts of Accounts
Information regarding the modifications to our parish and school charts of accounts is also included in this email. The new charts are available on the Diocesan website. 

Select areas of the Diocesan website are in the process of being revised. You will be able to access parish financial forms and memoranda from a new centralized website location: Parish Support Center. Of course, for ease of navigating the site, you will also be able to link to the forms from the Finance Department page on the site. Should you or your business office have any problem in navigating the Diocesan site, please contact Mary Anne Coleman at (516) 678-5800 (ext 232),

 Chart of Accounts Memo from Kevin T Murphy             Budgeting Process for the Fiscal Year 2014/2015

Chart of Accounts

 Parish Chart of Accounts Updated 2014  Parish Summary of Account Changes
 School Chart of Accounts Updated 2014   School Summary of Account Changes


2015 Budget Templates


2015 Budget Memorandum

2015 Budget Assumptions