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Monthly Reporting

The monthly reporting template contains the standard chart of accounts that all Parishes, schools and cemeteries should use to prepare the six-month report. However, certain modifications have been made to facilitate the collection of procurement data. The account definitions form provides a detailed description of each account and the summary of account changes provides an overview of the modifications. Certain cash accounts have also been added to assist with cash management.

After the end of each month, the monthly reporting template should be completed by entering the appropriate year-to-date account balance in the applicable month. The only information that should be entered on the summary page is the parish name, number, and location. The balances on the summary page will automatically populate from the other tabs as all totals are linked and protected. If possible, any open invoices and bank reconciliations should be booked to your general ledger prior to completing this report to provide the most up to date information.

When complete, the monthly report should be saved to your computer and emailed to Please note that the Cemetery name, number, and location should be completed on the summary tab before saving the file and submitting it to the Pastoral Center. Please submit all reports no later than the third week after month-end.

Thank you for your assistance in providing this important information. If you have any questions, please contact Monica MacDougall at 516-678-5800, Ext. 630 or email at

Download the Following Documents:

                 Monthly Reporting Template (Excel Document)

                 Account Definitions (Word Document)

                 Summary of Account Changes (Excel Document)