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Monthly Reporting                              


In response to requests for changes to the Chart of Accounts initiated by recent business activity, the monthly reporting template for parishes and schools has been modified to include new accounts for the Voluntary Separation Program (VSP) and reclassifications of the investment accounts. This new template will be implemented beginning with May results, and each month thereafter. Please note that these modifications do not impact the cemetery reporting template.

All parishes and schools will need to update their general ledgers to reflect the new accounts. Parishes using Logos have already been updated. Parishes and schools using Macola will receive a call and a visit from the Parish Administrative Support Team. If any other system is being utilized, account changes referenced herein will need to be done at the local level.

A summary of all account changes and modifications for both the Parishes and the Schools are included on Exhibit A, which is attached to this memo. Also attached is Exhibit B, which provides additional detail and sample journal entries.

Prior to completing the new template, the year-to-date balances within the old investment accounts need to be reclassed via a journal entry to the new investment accounts in the month of May. Also any VSP related transactions recorded elsewhere in the general ledger, will need to be reclassed to the newly created VSP accounts. Once this process is complete the balances should reside in the new investment and VSP accounts.

The new templates are now available on web. To download the files, please follow the instructions listed below.

Go to the DRVC website at and click on the “Departments” tab and select “Finance Office” from the list. On the right side of the page, under Monthly Reporting, select the applicable reporting package(s). There is a separate modified monthly reporting package for parishes and schools. You may need to select more than one package depending on the operations of your Parish. Within each monthly reporting package will be the following forms: Revised Monthly Reporting Template; Revised Account Definitions; Revised Summary of Account Changes and a Word document containing a copy of this memo. Each of these forms should be saved to your computer by right clicking on the link and clicking “save target as”.

To allow additional time for accruals, the due date for the monthly report submission had been extended to the last business day of the month following the current month end. For example, April’s monthly report submission is now due on the last business day of May. Please continue submitting the report via email to the finance mailbox at

Thank you for your assistance in providing this important information. If you have any questions, please contact Monica MacDougall at 516-678-5800, Ext. 630 or email at