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A Report on Supporting the Displaced Families from Al-Anbar and Fallujah through a Programme Fundedby Caritas Switzerland and Caritas Italy

Caritas Iraq is considered the only local humanitarian organization that works all over Iraq with no exception, reaching to areas that no other organizations had reached and most important of all its being accepted by all sects, denominations, ethnicities and nationalities of the Iraqi community. The best proof of this is the continuous implementation of the project of supporting the lately displaced families from Al-Al-Anbar and Fallujah.

A team from Caritas Iraq and some volunteers visited the hot zone of Al-Zubayr Bridge where thousands of displaced families were gathered escaping the latereecet fights between the ISIS and the Iraqi Army.

His Beatitude, The Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako, his Assistant and his Secretary accompanied the team in visiting the area.

The process of supporting was achieved according to the following stages:

  1. The team of Caritas Iraq visited the area to run an assessment process.
  2. Coordinating with the sheikhs, dignitaries and the official parties.
  3. Meeting the beneficiary families.
  4. Visiting the camps and identifying the number of families.
  5. Identifying the day of implementation.
  6. Managing and preparing all the administrative regulations of the process of implementation.

General Matters

  1. The area is 90 km from Baghdad, close to the Euphrates on the borderline with Fallujah
  2. The officials in the area provided all the necessary facilities to implement all the activities
  3. Everyone praised this wonderful initiation which was implemented by Caritas Iraq to reach the displaced families who are facing tragic conditions where no one else was able to reach.
  4. The items provides were in line with the actual need of the displaced families including:
    (3) Food items, (1) sanitary item, (5) in-kind items
  5. This initiation was an important message from Caritas Iraq in supporting all the displaced persons and all needy areas regardless of their religion, denomination or nationality.
  6. In our turn we commend the initiation of Caritas Switzerland and Caritas Italy in supporting this programme.
  7. The implementation took place in a big camp were more than (250) displaced families live. This camp is called Al-BarzanjiaCamp.