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Risen Lord Pray for Us 

The Power of the Psalms 

Make the Psalms your daily devotional prayer...
Make Praising God a part of your daily life...


When your prayers become repetitive and empty, or when you don't know what to pray for simply because words get in the way, turn to The Psalms.

For many thousands of years, generations have turned to this particular book in seeking God's help in many aspects of human life. From physical healing to protection, from anger management to seeking release from fear and oppression, from looking for answers to asking for guidance, from anything a human being may ever need in life, from a - z, you are sure to find it in the Psalms.

Learn to unlock this power by praying the Psalms on a regular and daily basis. Pray each chapter like your own personal prayer, for God intended this book to be our personal link, a prayer super-highway, to His infinite Grace. The power that lies within the Psalms is the same power that has been harnessed by those who have gone before us and is still the same power that is just waiting for us to use in whatever need we may have.


In the Psalms, God has already provided for us the "content" of our prayers, avoiding us the difficulty of putting together words or the theme for our prayers and petitions. This is yet another manifestation of how wonderful and loving God truly is.



Psalm : Check the a-z listing of different prayer needs and pslams to guide your prayer, this site is where the above information is from.