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Diocese of Rockville Centre

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Synod Prayer

Ever faithful God,
you call us to union with your Son, Jesus Christ,
through the ministry of the Church.
Guide the work of the Synod.
Enlighten the eyes of our hearts
that we might see how great is the hope
to which we are called.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Oracin del Snodo

Dios, siempre fiel,
nos llamas a la unin con tu Hijo, Jesucristo,
atravs del ministrio de la Iglesia.
Guia nuestro trabajo en el Snodo.
Ilumina los ojos de nuestros corazones
para que podamos ver cun grande es la esperanza
a la cual hemos sido llamados.
Te pedimos esto por Cristo, Nuestro Seor.

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Synod Update: The Synod Process Continues

A diocesan synod is always a grace whose contours are discovered as we journey forward together in hope. In the past five years we have had a number of experiences that contribute to preparing for the synod.

At present the Gallup Group is helping us analyze those experiences and furnish us with further insights through scientific sampling of members of our Church today. These will be used to prepare some pastoral statements, commitments for the future which eventually will be approved by the Synod in official session and promulgated by me as Bishop. Together with the Eucharistic Congress, the Synod we pray will be a moment of newness of life for our Diocese.

Excerpt from Faith & New Works, by Bishop William Murphy, The Long Island Catholic, February 21, 2007

Synod Update: Synod, Stewardship and Strength Assessments

After consultation with many colleagues, including the vicars, some pastors, the religious and laity who work for the diocese, I decided to follow the lead of the pastors. It seems to us that the Gallup organization can serve us well as we continue the process leading up to our synodal event to mark our golden jubilee as a diocese. Spiritual realities can be measured. Measuring and assessing them will give us an opportunity of using the data we will need for our synodal celebration in a positive way.

It seemed a long way off five years ago, when first I announced my hope that we might celebrate a synod in 2007. In between we have faced many challenges. First and foremost was the tragedy of September 11, six days after I expressed my hope for the future. We as a diocese have had to face and grapple with the horrific events surrounding the sex abuse crisis in the church. We did that and are in a good place now although we must always be vigilant.

In the midst of those events, we had begun and we carried out listening sessions in preparation for the synod. We have 17,000 responses that were gathered from the parishes in 2002/2003. These have been analyzed and studied by a variety of subcommittees. We know some of the concerns of the people who participated. But that was three or four years ago. Much has gone on since that period.

We have proposed, and the Gallup organization has accepted, to take that data and analyze it professionally. They have the tools and expertise to draw out the meaning of the suggestions made and give us the lessons we need to keep in mind that will contribute to our synodal celebration. Then they have agreed to do a sample which is a scientific sampling of our diocese at this time in our history. They will interpret both these sets of material and information for us so that we can have their expertise we need to help us look at the pastoral strengths and the future resources we will have available to us to build up the church on Long Island.

The word synod comes from two Greek words meaning to walk along the road together. It is how the church in the past guaranteed that the Body of Christ was growing faithfully in the ways of Jesus Christ in this pilgrimage of faith we share as his body on earth.

The purpose of having a synod is not just to have one. Its purpose is always to help advance the pastoral and spiritual renewal of the church and her members. How we do that will reflect the life of the church we share with all our brothers and sisters in the Catholic church. But it must reflect the particular qualities and strengths of our church here on Long Island.

The Gallup organization will help us do that. Many of our parishes are already using this approach. As we enter into our jubilee year, 2007, I believe we will benefit from the help this organization can give us as we seek to follow Christ more closely, live his life more faithfully, worship the Lord with greater and greater love, proclaim His name, pass on His message and be servant witnesses to the world that the world may believe.

Excerpt from Faith and New Works by Bishop William Murphy, The Long Island Catholic, September 2006