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Diocese of Rockville Centre


New York State Catholic Conference Executive Director Richard E. Barnes made the following statement today regarding the defeat of a bill in the New York State Senate by a vote of 38-24 that would have allowed people of the same sex to “marry” each other:

“On behalf of the Bishops of New York State, we are extremely pleased and grateful that the New York State Senate in a bipartisan vote rejected the concept that marriage can be anything other than the union of one man and one woman.
“While the Catholic Church rejects unjust discrimination against homosexual men and women, there is no question that marriage by its nature is the union of one man and one woman. Advocates for same-sex ‘marriage’ have attempted to portray their cause as inevitable. However, it has become clear that Americans continue to understand marriage the way it has always been understood, and New York is not different in that regard. This is a victory for the basic building block of our society.”

The Catholic Conference represents New York State’s Bishops in matters of public policy.

Visit their Website: New York State Catholic Conference

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